Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington Wallpapers section is dedicated to an Australian actor Samuel Henry J. Worthington on 2nd August 1976. Sam Worthington was born in Godalming, Surrey in England, and soon he moved to Australia. Sam most of the time lived near Rockingham. His professional career starts in 2000 when she got a role Mitchell in the movie Bootmen. In year 2002 he appeared in the movie Dirty Deeds which was set in 60's and the story was about Australian gangster. We could also se Sam Worthington in movies like Hart's War with Bruce Willis, Terminator Salvation (2009) where he had a role of Marcus Wright, and he was also in the close selection to take a role in James Bond movies. In the end of year, he also appeared in James Cameroon's hit movie Avatar, where he had a head role with Zoe Saldana. In 2010 we could see Sam Worthington in movies The Debt, Last Night, Clash Of The Titans where he appeared as Pereseus.


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